Let's Get Moving ~ FORWARD

We all face challenges in life and the goal with my firm is to embrace them and move past them with each practice I assist in transitioning. The practices that I have been a part of has shown me they all have their own uniqueness and that is what I love about my job! All I do is help you unlock your potential and improve atmosphere, staff and overall dental functionality in your practice.

If you are one of the many practices out there that need some additional direction from a consultant then I am ready to help. So lets work together to embrace your practice’s abilities and find what works for you and let’s get moving forward.



I decided to start my firm because I saw a need of helping others in the dental community. I have been very fortunate to work with a lot of people in and outside the dental field. With that being said, what I witnessed showed me that we all need help and advice. Sometimes the advice is needed from an outside source. That is where I am available for my clients …. Read More


Relax and know that your solution lies with Insight Consulting Firm!